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Skin Types

To help determine your skin type you can cleanse your skin thoroughly and using a magnifying glass under a strong light and examine it closely. You want to look at the texture and condition of the skin. Normally there are three basic skin types with many skins being a combination of oily and dry. Any skin type can be sensitive or blemished. If you are unsure it is worth paying a visit to your beauty therapist who can help you establish your skin type.

Once you know your skin type, you can choose products specific for your skin type to use in your daily skin care routine.

A Normal Skin – looks velvety and has very fine pores with no blemishes

An Oily Skin – shines constantly and has enlarged pores. Blackheads and occasional breakouts may occur on the face, back, arms, and possibly the chest. This skin is most prone to acne

A Dry Skin – has a fine texture but looks and feels tight and drawn. It tends to chap and flake often creating itchy patches. Dry skin is caused by three different factors – insufficient amount of oil secretion, dehydration or lack of moisture and ageing.

The other skin types that are generally found include

Combination Skin- tends to have a T-Zone where the skin is quite oily across forehead down the nose and chin. The rest of the skin on the face is dry, particularly around the eyes and cheeks

Sensitive Skin- is usually very dry, fine textured with a transparent look. The upper layer of skin is particularly thin and sensitive and likely to develop broken capillaries. This skin reacts quickly to both internal and external influences such as the sun, wind, emotions, food and drink

Blemished or Acne Skin- usually very oily and troubled by pimples and breakouts of acne

The key to good skincare is to keep up the renewal rate of skin with regular removal of dead skin cells that build up on the skin. The cells in younger skin renew themselves every 15-30 days. As we get older this cell renewal rate slows down and may take twice as long making the skill duller and thicker. As we move into our thirties the oil glands in the skin also become less active creating a drier skin.

At its most basic the steps in a skin care routine consists of 3 steps twice per day

  • in the morning – cleanse, tone and moisturise
  • at night – cleanse, tone and nourish

In addition to a daily routine, exfoliating should be done 2-3 times per week with a mask at least once per week. A salon facial can complement your skin care routine every 4-6 weeks.

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