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Skin Care Routine

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A skin care routine should consist of products that cleanse, hydrate and lubricate and must include an element of protection against the environment. It is now widely acknowledged that regular skin care plus the year round use of a sunscreen provide that protection and can actually retard visible signs of ageing.


Make up removal is the first step in any skin care cleansing procedure. The ideal cleanser works quickly and delicately to dislodge dirt and make up on the skin. This pre cleansing is vital and a second cleanse is important after makeup is removed.
Cleansing should be carried out twice daily, regardless of whether you wear makeup or not.

Eye makeup, whether waterproof or not, is notoriously difficult to remove and a specially formulated eye make remover is a worthwhile investment. Never pull rub or stretch the delicate tissue around the eyes when cleansing.


Exfoliation can actually be regarded as being an effective extension of deep cleansing in the skin care routine. These lift off dead cells of the skin, which are sitting clogging up pores and refine and stimulate the skin layer underneath. Exfoliate immediately after cleansing and moisturise immediately.


Face masks can work wonders to improve the appearance of skin. This is the way to give the skin a quick pick up, to energise it by activating circulation thereby bringing oxygen and nutrients to the surface. Any type of mask will draw out impurities and cleanse the surface of the skin but certain ingredients are particularly effective. Clay is a wonderful oil absorber and especially for acne, herbal masks encourage the topmost cells to peel and unclog the pores for deep cleansing.


Astringents, toners or fresheners are the final phase of cleansing and purifying the skin as well as making sure that no trace of cleanser is left on the skin.
Gentle alcohol free toners are far better for refreshing and refining all skin types, while oily skins respond well to the natural astringent action of herbs.
Follow cleansing and toning with moisturiser or nourishing cream


All skin needs moisture in some form. Properly used, moisturisers minimise the effects of the feathery lines and aging wrinkles caused by excessive dryness.
As well as preserving the skins texture, quality moisturisers form an invisible barrier which protects the skin from the environment. When makeup is worn, a moisturiser films the surface of the skin to form an invisible protection barrier between skin and make up. This gives the finished makeup a soft velvety cushioned look.


These products are mostly designed to be used in conjunction with moisturisers and they act like sealers to trap the moisture within the surface layer of the skin. Used at night time they have been developed to replenish the skin’s natural oil content, keeping the skin supple and soft, as well as smooth and so preventing formation of deeper wrinkles and creases.

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