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Skin Care

A natural good – to- be – alive skin glow depends on great skin care to ensure skin is in its best possible condition. Practically all recorded history gives evidence of the enormous amount of importance man has given his skin as a symbol of his beauty. Today as it was centuries ago, a smooth, radiant, trouble free complexion is, one of a woman’s most valued and desirable assets.

Skin care is a matter of simple hygiene – like brushing your teeth or washing your hands and the first step is proper cleansing. From twice daily cleansing to once a week masks, the effectiveness of any skin care programme hinges on squeaky clean skin whether this is the face or body.

There is no special age when you start caring for your skin. Skin has a memory and if you look after it -it will pay dividends in the end.

Recognising your skin type is an important first step when selecting an individual skin care routine which will help keep your skin fresh, smooth, clear and beautiful – and younger looking for longer

Today there are a multitude of choices; products and systems that you can use and adjust to suit your own individual needs at any given time.

Most products from the various ranges of skin preparations have been designed to work together. The ingredients used in developing products for the three essential skin care steps have been designed to interlock. They fit together a bit like a jigsaw puzzle. Together they should operate to work constructively with the skins own natural chemistry – and the result should be a softer smoother younger-looking skin.

However, before you arrive at the perfect formula, it is important to understand that skin differs in thickness, elasticity and in the number of oil and sweat glands-from one person to the next and on different parts of the body. Even on the face, skin tissue varies in composition, being thinner and less lubricated around the eyes.

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