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woman preparing for dermabrasionMicrodermabrasion is a treatment that uses small micro crystals to literally sandblast the skin. This is a non invasive treatment aimed at lifting off the uppermost layer of dead and damaged skin cells through a mechanical type of exfoliation. Microdermabrasion reveals healthy new skin cells  and the face looks totally rejuvenated with a smoother and clearer more polished skin.

The microdermabrasion machine features a powerful hand held device that is placed on the skin which blasts microcrystals of aluminum dioxide (corundum powder). The abrasive diamond-shaped crystals combined with suction acts to shed off the surface layers of skin in much the same manner as a vacuum cleaner. There is no bleeding as the abrasion is very superficial however it is enough to stimulate collagen growth as the skin healing process is activated by improving the circulation bringing oxygen and nutrients to refresh and regenerate the skin.

Repeated microdermabrasion treatments are required, usually 5-6 for the treatment to be effective. No sedation or anaesthetic is required. When treatment is completed the skin has a red healthy glow due to the increased circulation. Any marked redness usually settles down to a normal healthy look within a day or so.

Microdermabrasion can take as little as a few minutes to up to an hour depending on the size of the area being treated and is effectively a “lunch time” treatment. After results have been achieved, microdermabrasion can be performed every four to six weeks to maintain benefits.
This microdermabrasion treatment  is particularly good for fine lines, open pores on the face and pigmentation and is effective for the treatment of acne, surgical scars, acne scarring as well as any raised scar and even keloid scars, as well as ageing skin and rough, sun-damaged skin, acne and congestion, rough or thickened skin and general rejuvenation of the skin.

Microdermabrasion  performed by trained beauty therapists should not be confused with the medical dermabrasion that is much harsher and must be performed under sedation by a doctor – in this procedure skin is sanded down by abrasion with a rotating high speed wire brush. The procedure is painful and takes about a week to heal.
The removal of thickened areas of skin also allows skin medications to be better absorbed and is often combined with other treatments eg glycolic acid peels. There are a few contraindications to the treatment, one being the recent use of Roaccutane which thins the skin and makes it too sensitive to cope with the treatment and also the skin that is highly sensitive and reddens easily (couperose)

The first few days after microdermabrasion may result in skin feeling tight and dry with some redness and sensitivity and the skin may even flake or peel up to seven days after treatment however the right home care programme will help reduce these effects.

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