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Face Lifts

woman before plastic surgeryThe Face Lift isn’t a dirty word anymore. Cosmetic surgery has become main stream with thousands of women and men each year deciding to enhance their appearance by choosing from a smorgasbord of surgical procedures.
The ultimate way to erase the signs of ageing is the face lift – from brow to neck.
People can choose to have their brows or an entire face lift, noses straightened, cheeks or chins implanted and any other number of physically enhancing procedures.
Facial rejuvenation surgery can essentially be broken down into three areas
1.    Face lift – where the skin is taken and lifted from the sides of the face
Necklifts- Are nearly always performed as a routine part of a facelift
2.    Eyelid surgery – where the upper and lower eyelids are lifted
3.    Brow surgery – where the brow is lifted up towards the hairline. Face lifts do not usually involve the forehead area, The browlift– an operation that can be performed either as the finishing touch to face lifts or less often as a separate, stand alone procedure.

It has become a concern as demand for these procedures grows that patients have unrealistic expectations of the changes that having face lifts will bring. Sometimes counselling is the better option for an unhappy person seeking to feel better about themselves by choosing to have a face lift.
Many doctors now use an imaging machine where a photo of the patient is scanned into the computer. The doctor can then adjust their features according to the wishes of the patient and give an approximate idea of the result. Rather than creating false promises this method actually gives people a realistic view of the best case scenario of face lifts for their own unique case – and so often means avoiding disappointment

Laser versus face lifts

It is important to understand the difference between facial surgery and laser skin resurfacing. Each is an entirely different procedure, with different results.
The rule of thumb to work from is that”sags need surgery”. Laser resurfacing aims to change skin texture and to diminish lines and wrinkles. It has no effect on sagging jowls, cheeks and loose hanging necks. These sags caused by age and gravity will only respond to face lift surgery. It is possible however to finish off a face lift with laser treatment.

BeautyCare Basics
1.    Find a good surgeon – word of mouth is always the best recommendation when it comes to face lifts
2.    Obtain a referral – go to your GP
3.    Initial consultation- listen carefully to advice given- you should feel totally trusting in your surgeon
4.    Second opinion – just to be absolutely sure that you are going to get the right procedure for your specific needs

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