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Facial Treatments

Acupuncture therapy When skin is young it has all the resources of youth springing back into shape after the last setback, glowing after a good night’s sleep. Day to day exposure takes its toll and natural repair mechanisms slow down as the years go by. As we move onto our 30’s and beyond lines appear and gradually deepen, skin begins to slacken and lose of firmness of youth.

Skin ageing is not entirely due to the passage of time. Much of the ageing of the skin is due to other factors most notably exposure to UV light, pollution, diet or incorrect skin care routines.

The skin constantly renews itself every 28 days but as we get older this cell renewal rate alters – slowing down as the years go by so that when skin has been overtaxed by stresses of daily life its ability to function properly and repair itself is reduced, thereby lowering the overall health and quality of the skin.

Today face treatments are all about restoring youthful features by replacing and re-establishing the balance without surgery. It is hoped that the need for surgical intervention in the quest for reducing the signs of ageing will be delayed or eliminated altogether.

Women of tomorrow will have clear wrinkle free skin well into and beyond middle age with the help of anti ageing surgical and non surgical techniques and cosmetic products.

Extremely effective treatments, such as laser resurfacing and even alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs) which are off the shelf creams – mean that even now you can be rid of wrinkles or even better – prevent them. It was once said that if you can’t remove a wrinkle you can make it a beautiful wrinkle.

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