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November 2, 2010

Skin care is a matter of simple hygiene – like brushing your teeth or washing your hands and the first step is proper cleansing. From twice daily cleansing to once a week masks, the effectiveness of any skin care programme hinges on squeaky clean skin. This is just as relevant with bodycare.
Your ideal skin care cleansing routine varies with the time of day, the season of the year, the state of your health and the environment. Cleansing is obviously more of a problem in polluted city air. Likewise, adapting your routine during periods of stress can prevent the skin blemishes that may otherwise occur.
Today there are a multitude of skin care choices; products and systems that you can use and adjust to suit your own individual needs at any given time.

A skin care program should consist of products that cleanse, hydrate and lubricate and must include an element of protection against the environment. It is now widely acknowledged that regular skin care plus the year round use of a sunscreen provide that protection and can actually retard visible signs of aging.

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