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open jar of face creamAnti Wrinkle

The face is generally the first to show signs aging. Anti wrinkle treatments are also known as anti ageing treatments.  Wrinkles appear here and there, followed by fine lines of the skin. Ageing involves all elements of the skin– the number of elastic fibres decreases, the chain of collagen gets disorganised and the germinative layer becomes poor. This transformation concerns fibroblasts as well, the basic cells of the connective tissue which diminish after the age of 30. In addition the skin gets thinner with aging. It loses about 5% of its thickness every 10 years because aging cells multiply less. Vascular circulation of the skin ages as well. The microcirculation of the skin slows down and the face loses its fresh and healthy colour

However it’s not aging alone that makes the face look old. Facial bones and muscles change in firmness and fatty deposits appear in places such as the upper and lower eyelids, the lower cheeks or under the chin. Therefore some faces age by getting thin and others become round and heavy.

Anti wrinkle creams

Anti wrinkle creams and lotions make huge promises to women of today. How effective they are depends somewhat on the active ingredients in the product. Most commonly used antiwrinkle ingredients include retinol, hydroxy acids, Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Coenzyme Q-10 and even green tea. Anti wrinkle ingredients are used by various manufacturers who don’t hesitate to proclaim theirs is the best and most effective.

Extraordinary progress has been made in aesthetics, dermatology and plastic surgery in helping the skin and other body parts look younger longer however no one has actually discovered a way to stop ageing. Anti wrinkle treatments are one of the most sought after procedures.


Extremely effective face treatments, such as laser resurfacing and even alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs) which are off the shelf creams – mean that even now you can be rid of wrinkles or even better – prevent them. It was once said that if you can’t remove a wrinkle you can make it a beautiful wrinkle.

Physical and chemical peels are effective treatments against wrinkles and other skin imperfections. An aesthetician can also offer a chemical peel with products containing low concentrations of alpha hydroxyl acids (AHA) such as glycolic acid or lactic acid. These types of exfoliative peels can provide good results as anti wrinkle treatments.

If the wrinkle is more resistant dermabrasion can help reduce the depth of the wrinkle however if the wrinkle is really deep collagen injections may be considered. Failing all else a facelift may help restore the youthful appearance of the face by stretching the skin.

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