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About Us

Close-up portrait of serious womanWe have been involved in the beauty industry for over 20 years having owned a hair removal business and a beauty salon.  We have had training in Collagen injections, Microdermabrasion and glycolic acid peels that were practiced in conjunction with a medical cosmetic practitioner.
Beauty has evolved rapidly in this time showing no sign of slowing down. Many treatments are still the same and many treatments and procedures have come and gone and of course there is a myriad of new treatments. It’s not a surprise that with the coming of age of the “baby boomers” the industry has skyrocketed.  Another impact on the industry has been the acceptance of beauty treatments by men, certainly in the hair removal market but also more and more beauty and body treatments are being accepted.
Many of the therapies and treatments offered in beauty salons today were once the realm of the medical profession and have become more advanced. It becomes difficult for the consumer to know if the operators are trained well enough – but on another level the same can be said of the medical profession who learn on the fly and can make some pretty bad mistakes.

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