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There is no doubt that Beauty is big business – beautiful women and handsome men are pictured on pages of glossy magazines everywhere. We see them on television, billboards and posters advertising all types of consumer products. Beauty is a multibillion dollar a year business that shows no sign of abating despite feminist movements over the last 30 years crusading against the social pressures on women to be “beautiful”

The desire to look good and stay healthy is always uppermost in a woman’s mind and the purchase of little beauty luxuries such as make up and lipstick have more power than a new dress to lift spirits. You just have to look in any woman’s bathroom cabinet and you will find the array of beauty products and cosmetics that drives the personal care and beauty products industry.

When retail sales are at their worst women will still buy cosmetics. During the Great Depression cosmetic sales rose by 25 per cent and this was seen again in 2001 after the terrorist attacks of September 11. This led to the term “The “lipstick index”, by Leonard Lauder, chairman of the Estee Lauder group based on the theory that when times are tough consumers turn to less expensive indulgences such as lipstick.

In more recent years L’Oréal has claimed that flawless skin provided by foundation is the new barometer of consumer confidence in the economy . Whatever the case it is obvious that even when times are tough women will keep buying cosmetics

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